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Frequently Asked Questions

"Have attended two lovely courses with Paula. Both myself and my son enjoyed the yoga and the massage greatly."

Elizabeth Horner

What do I need to bring?

You will need a towel/blanket, your changing bag and means of feeding your baby.

What is included on the course?

I provide the mats and cushions required.  You will receive a Handout with a photo of each stroke/position, a bottle of oil (baby massage only) and a certificate of attendance to the course

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits for you and your baby on both courses.  A list of the main benefits is listed on the Home Page.

What happens on the course?

Each session is baby led.  ie. If they need feeding feed them, if they need changing change them. 

On the Baby Massage Course, we build up the massage over the weeks, so by the last week we have covered the whole body massage.  We sing some nursery rhymes whilst doing some of the stroke, but don’t worry if you don’t know them, you will by the end of the course and I also give you the words to all the rhymes in your Handout.

The Baby Yoga course involves movement, singing, calming techniques, interactive fun and relaxation for both parent/carers and babies.

What if my baby has had their injections prior to one of the sessions?

It is recommended that you wait 24 hours after, but if you feel your baby is well and has no temperature you can attend the class but avoid the area on the legs where they have been injected.

How old does my baby need to be?

Babies can be massaged from birth but in a group environment I suggest no younger than 4 weeks and no older than 6/7 months (crawling).

For Yoga, you and your baby need to have had the 6-8 week check-up. Maximum age for the course is around 9 months walking.

How do I book a place?

You can click on the Book Online tab and fill out the form.

How do I make payment?

You can pay by bank transfer, Paym or PayPal (£1.50 extra charge). Payment details will be sent on the Invoice.

When can I start?

You are better starting at the beginning of each course.  Please see my Facebook page for the dates of the next courses or contact me.

I have had a c-section, am I Ok to do this course?

I would suggest you check with your health professional first.  For the baby massage course you will need to be able to sit on the floor in a comfortable position and be able to bend over your baby.  On the Yoga course you will be doing gentle stretching and lifting your baby, so this is more important that you have had the all clear from your health professional.

My baby has special needs, can we attend the course?

Yes you can attend the course.  Depending on the type of special needs your baby has, there may be some strokes I need to adapt for you.  If you can contact your health professional before booking the course to check there is no medical reason for not attending the course.  Then when you fill in the booking form please note the type of special needs your baby has.

I have twins can I still attend the courses and how much would it be?

Yes you can attend a course.  You can massage the twins together yourself or you can bring another adult with you and massage one each. 

If you come to the course by yourself with the twins it would be £40 for the baby massage and £60 for the yoga course. 

If you do bring another adult I will need to charge you half price for the second adult as they will be taking up a place on the course.  It would be £60 for the baby massage and £90 for the yoga course.

Can I bring older siblings?

It is not advisable for the full course, as it is a time for you and your baby to bond with no distractions.  If you have a childcare problem for one session it would not be a problem if all the other parents/carers were happy to have them there.

Can I bring my Partner/Someone with me to watch?

Please advise me prior to the course starting, as I will need to make sure the other parents/carers are happy to have someone watching.  ie. The mothers that are breast feeding my feel uncomfortable.  Also some of the rooms are not big enough to have spectators.

If I cannot attend one week for any reason, can someone else bring my baby to the session?

Yes someone else can bring your baby.  It would be helpful if you go through with that person what you have already learnt in the previous sessions.

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